Tomislav Car has just released Phone, Ruby library for phone number parsing, validation and formatting. It should save you a lot of time if you need any of the following:

  • you have area where users input phone numbers in many different formats
  • output phone numbers in specific format
  • you need to send SMS messages from your app

You can initialize new Phone object with'5125486', '91', '385')

or => '5125486', :area_code => '91', :country_code => '385')

Parsing is done using Phone.parse method

    Phone.parse '091/512-5486', :country_code => '385'
    Phone.parse '(091) 512 5486', :country_code => '385'

It is smart to set default contry code first so you don’t have to provide it as option every time

    Phone.default_country_code = '385'
    Phone.parse '091/512-5486'
    Phone.parse '(091) 512 5486'

Fow now, Phone works only for Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian and Serbian phone numbers, but Tomislav is collecting data to support other countries.

Go check it out